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Wouter Tebbens wouter at freeknowledge.eu
Tue Nov 24 14:44:00 UTC 2015

I suppose many on this list have heard of The Things Network and may
have participated in its successful kickstarter.

We recently organised a panel discussion in the FabLab Barcelona about
constructing the smart cities from bottom-up, based on common pool

This is particularly relevant now that we are starting to have the long
range wireless technologies to connect sensors and actuators to the
Internet, in poarticular with the LoRaWAN radio technology.

Also, a community called The Things Network, that started in Amsterdam
last summer, is building this as a four-leveled commons. 1)through the
open protocols of LoRa, 2) the software used as Free Software, 3) the
hardware designed as Open Source Hardware and 4) the physical network
built under a commons manifesto providing access without a fee, managed
by local communities of users.

Here is the summary of the panel discussion we have had in Barcelona:

And a specific analysis of the four levels of commons:

Things Network


best regards,

Wouter Tebbens
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