[Discuss] Seeking Nominations on New Open Source Everything Meta Conference

Robert Steele robert.david.steele.vivas at gmail.com
Mon May 25 15:43:20 UTC 2015

Marcin Jakubowsky (Open Source Ecology / Global Village Construction Set)
and I (Open Source Everything Manifesto) have come together to
conceptualize a new conference on Open Source Everything to be held in NYC
7-11 December 2015. Tuesday 8 December is Hardware day. In addition to
speakers (plenary, break-out, and open space) we have tons of room for
tables (going for at least 100) and posters. An Open Source Everything
Handbook 1.0 book/wiki is planned as an out come of the event, as a living
document.  Our strategic intent is to facilitate cross-fertilization across
all the opens and to get more people to realize that -- to take one example
-- Open Data without open everything else is simply a gift to vendors of
proprietary hardware and software and does NOT further the commons or the
public interest to the fullest extent possible.

A pre-public version of the website is at ose-21.org. With this email I am
seeking OSHWA member nominations for speakers, tables, and posters as well
as Goodie Bag items (anyone volunteering to offer something, think in terms
of 400-800). Google Docs for each are supposed to appear on the Nominations
page shortly, but I welcome direct emails to me with title, paragraph, and
link in the interim and as a safety measure.

My intent is to go public and start opening registrations in early June but
I wanted to start some outreach to those that have done so much within
specific verticals such as hardware and software.

Thank you for taking a moment to visit ose-21.org and giving us your ideas
and nominations.
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