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Hello Matt, Hello Javier, Hello all,
Thank you for your kind returns and thank you dear OSHWA for this list.

> Javier: "I am not sure about what Antoine is asking."
Let's retry. A template of URD, specific for open source hardware
development, if this exist.
What I mean is :

   1. if the experience of writing such a document, shows that it leads to
   a specific way of writing an URD when it covers Open Source Hardware, then,
   it might be useful for OpenSource Hardware people to get access to this
   kind of template for their own development processes (when an URD could be
   helpful for their work).
   2. if such a template document is designed and titled "URD template for
   Open Source Hardware", then, Open Source hardware people will be more
   confident to use it, compared with a document without any "for Open Source
   Hardware" mention.

> Matt: "CERN might" .../... "I haven't heard of a template"
By my side also, I have not found yet such an URD specific for open
There are CERN URD template available, but for software, but not specific
for Open or Free software, for example at CERN LHcb web site / User
Requirement Template
Javier is the best who knows the right CERN music ... and we are lucky to
get the chance to read you Javier ...

> Matt: "lists requirements" .../... "And there's more specific guidance"
Those pages are very useful, thank you OSHWA.
However, they do not really give specific "templates" for what could be
called: normative standard documents for development product process stages
- like sort of ISO documentation recommendations.
If OSHWA could suggest a list of available templates for the specific
development process stages of open hardware things, then that might be a
great "service" offered by OSHWA, to be added on the "Open Source Hardware
Best Practices" in a new section called "templates of standard documents
for open source hardware development process stages".
When bazaar if privileged, it might happen to "cathedralize" a bit the
processes, using such a URD material, particularly, when external actors of
an open hardware project, are invited to participate.

Thank you for your exchanges, thank you OSHWA for this list,



2015-03-25 18:37 GMT+01:00 Matt Maier <blueback09 at gmail.com>:

> The open source hardware definition lists requirements for a license to be
> considered "open source." http://www.oshwa.org/definition/
> And there's more specific guidance in this list
> http://www.oshwa.org/open-source-quick-reference-guide/
> I haven't heard of a template. I assume that's because the actual shape of
> a project's requirements will vary quite a bit. Also, it seems like the
> things necessary to qualify as open source are a bit different from "what
> does it do" which is what's in the requirements document. If you included
> "be open in these ways" in the requirements doc it would either imply that
> you're acquiring a whole process or that you're going beyond "what" and
> specifying "how."
> It seems like that information wouldn't be in the requirements doc, but
> maybe I misunderstood the question(?)
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 9:01 AM, Antoine, as a contact of a free
> smallwindturbine project <smallwindturbineproj.contactor at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> 1. thank you OSHWA for what you do
>> 2. thank you OSHWA list members for your exchanges
>> 3.
>> Do you know if there is somewhere a User Requirement Document (URD)
>> standard Template, but including OpenHardware requirements ?
>> Maybe public organizations ike NASA, CERN, European Space Agency, or
>> others, have sorts of templates for this kind of documents ?
>> If not, should we try to build one ?
>> 4. thank you OSHWA for what you do
>> 5. thank you OSHWA list members for your exchanges
>> Freely,
>> Antoine
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