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Nancy Ouyang nancy.ouyang at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 09:22:07 UTC 2015

I mean, rms has standard refrain, "gnu/linux, not linux".

sure, developers in the industry can ultimately pick whatever. but I think
OSHWA could benefit from rms promoting it, which would further both rms &
oshw community's goals. I guess i just *strongly* disagree that oshwa
should *clarify *the term free hardware, having the term is just horrible
to end-users from a usability perspective when developers already use
"oshw" & its logo.

therefore, i will attempt to reach out to rms to understand whether he just
never heard of oshw, despite the OSHW summit on MIT campus in 2013, or he's
just being a jerk like presumably linux was to gnu/linux.

i'm also a little hypersensitive to the
trope ~__~ it kind of *really *irritates me.

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On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 5:02 AM, Emilio Velis <contacto at emiliovelis.com>

> I think this is not "science" per se, but rather an industry standard.
> People are entitled to go against ISO, DIN, etc., use for example the Royal
> System of measurement for your measurements.
> In the end, the industry, the users will pick whatever suits their needs.
> I see nothing wrong with that.
> You also have to take into consideration that what RMS has stated isn't
> factually wrong, even if some of us here don't agree with him. "Free" for
> him carries a philosophical connotation, and he will continue using it, the
> important thing here is to establish a well-define clarification of the
> terms and move on.
> El viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015, Nancy Ouyang <nancy.ouyang at gmail.com>
> escribió:
> Ah -- this email was a little hard to find in this long thread, but I
>> thought people might enjoy a specific update with our thinking so far on
>> this front --
>> One useful thing to consider is that, at MIT, all course 2 majors with
>> Mac laptops end up installing Windows via bootcamp in order to run
>> Solidworks for their psets (for 2.007).
>> Additionally, the mechanical engineers at Apple all run Windows in order
>> to design the next generation of Macs / Apple products (probably all the
>> product designers they work with run Macs).
>> The suspicion is Apple might invest in open-source CAD tools the way they
>> invested in webkit and LLVM to promote having a good developer community
>> for iOS. They probably would like there to be good CAD software for
>> creative Mac people who want to use 3d printers, and they may also care
>> that their product engineers have to run Window.s
>> Additionally, Microsoft seems to want a "Ctrl-P" -> 3d printers option
>> for Windows.
>> If people have more ideas, feel free to add to the etherpad.
>> Thanks,
>> --Nancy
>>>  If we find a way to inject even a small fraction
>>> of the millions of dollars you mention into free tool development, I
>>> think the results could be game-changing. Maybe OSHWA could play a role
>>> here, as the FSF did with the development of gcc, emacs and other
>>> components necessary for the development of free software.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Javier
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