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Fri Mar 20 09:02:45 UTC 2015

I think this is not "science" per se, but rather an industry standard.
People are entitled to go against ISO, DIN, etc., use for example the Royal
System of measurement for your measurements.

In the end, the industry, the users will pick whatever suits their needs. I
see nothing wrong with that.

You also have to take into consideration that what RMS has stated isn't
factually wrong, even if some of us here don't agree with him. "Free" for
him carries a philosophical connotation, and he will continue using it, the
important thing here is to establish a well-define clarification of the
terms and move on.

El viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015, Nancy Ouyang <nancy.ouyang at gmail.com>

> Ah -- this email was a little hard to find in this long thread, but I
> thought people might enjoy a specific update with our thinking so far on
> this front --
> One useful thing to consider is that, at MIT, all course 2 majors with Mac
> laptops end up installing Windows via bootcamp in order to run Solidworks
> for their psets (for 2.007).
> Additionally, the mechanical engineers at Apple all run Windows in order
> to design the next generation of Macs / Apple products (probably all the
> product designers they work with run Macs).
> The suspicion is Apple might invest in open-source CAD tools the way they
> invested in webkit and LLVM to promote having a good developer community
> for iOS. They probably would like there to be good CAD software for
> creative Mac people who want to use 3d printers, and they may also care
> that their product engineers have to run Window.s
> Additionally, Microsoft seems to want a "Ctrl-P" -> 3d printers option for
> Windows.
> If people have more ideas, feel free to add to the etherpad.
> Thanks,
> --Nancy
>>  If we find a way to inject even a small fraction
>> of the millions of dollars you mention into free tool development, I
>> think the results could be game-changing. Maybe OSHWA could play a role
>> here, as the FSF did with the development of gcc, emacs and other
>> components necessary for the development of free software.
>> Cheers,
>> Javier
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