[Discuss] Protecting ourselves from getting sued?

Alex J V alex at makeystreet.com
Sat Mar 7 10:06:37 UTC 2015


Context - We are building an open source electric unicycle. Part of the
project we are building open source BLDC motor driver that is capable of
handling 500W continuous power.

The question here is there are tons of patents on BLDC motor driver. We are
not copying anyones work per say, but given the fact that motor drivers
have been around for a long time, as coincidence there is a lot of chance
that our design could potentially be very similar to one of these patents
and infringe them. At that point, will be get sued? If so, what do we do in
order to make sure that does not happen?

As a small team it is possible that we will not be sued, but the intention
is to manufacture at some point of time in scale. At that point, how can
open source hardware be not sued?

The question boils down to "We would love to putting our designs as open
source, but what should we do to not get sued?"
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