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Robert Steele robert.david.steele.vivas at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 12:20:37 UTC 2015

Marcin's offering, like most of what appears in this discussion list, is

It is also lost very quickly.

In my view the time has come for OSHWA, OSI, and many others to join
together in one wiki where such postings can be made FIRST, and then the
discussion lists used to attract readers AND CONTRIBUTORS to the wiki.

I have done all one man can do, building on the work of Michel Bauwens and
with deep admiration for the work of all of you including Marcin -- I have
set up a structure within the existing P2P Foundation that makes it
possible for us to share learning in an open source specitic context with
one meta page [[Category:Open Source Everything]] and nine sub-categories
agreed upon by Mickel, myself, and others.

   1. Open Data
   2. Open Governance
   3. Open Health
   4. Open Infrastructures
   5. Open Intelligence
   6. Open Manufacturing
   7. Open Provisioning
   8. Open Software
   9. Open Space

Marcin's offering would normally be tagged with both the meta
[[Category:Open Source Everything]] and the following three sub-categories:

[[Category:Open Provisioning]]
[[Category:Open Governance]]
[[Category:Open Manuffacturing]]


In other news, I am trying to get the NATO Strategic Foresight project to
move to the P2P Foundation Wiki. I am working with them and will be at
their meeting in Norfolk on 24-26 June. My primary focus is on getting the
EU and NATO to understand that electoral reform and open source everything
are the twin pillars for stabilization & reconstruction going forward --
that it is criminally insane to bomb boats of illegal refugees when you are
consorting with the dictators inspiring those masses of misery to move, and
you have failed to do all that is possible to offer provisioning -- energy,
water, food, and shelter -- to those masses.  Below is a link to a project
I completed that established the raw cost for creating a village of 1
million Somalis using only dirt, seawater, and sunlight for an external
cost of $500 per person. This is what inspired me to recognize that what
Marcin is doing is the most important scalable hardware project of the
century, and to see that open source everything also needs to focus on the
five billion poor, not just on the one billion rich.

2013 Robert Steele: $500 Million to Resettle 1 Million on a Moonscape with
Sun, Dirt, & Salt Water….Exploring the Practical Edge of Intelligence with
Integrity — Call for Substantive Ideas 2.0 Habitat Cost Sheet Posted

Best wishes to all,

Posted to P2P Wiki as http://p2pfoundation.net/Open_letter_to_OSHWA
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