[Discuss] Sex Toys versus Reproduction & Health versus Energy, Food, Water

Robert Steele robert.david.steele.vivas at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 12:07:27 UTC 2015

The Open Source Everything is a new conference focused on the most urgent
needs of the five billion poor. The reference to Maslow's pyramid is a good
one. Our focus is on the most urgent needs including energy, water, food,
and shelter as well as communication, computing, digital transactions,
education, and self-governance.

Sex  toys are not something I am going to schedule.  On the other hand,
women's health and women's control over reproduction using open source
extremely affordable means that are open source is absolutely of interest,
we have an entire room devoted to health issues on Sunday, that would be
the place for such a proposal.

Glad to have the clarification. I'm not perfect, none of us are, I react
viscerally to spending precious time on sex toys when we could be talking
about clean water instead.
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