[Discuss] OSE-21 focused on the billions of poor -- and we have an anti-harrassment policy

Andrew Quitmeyer andy at comingle.io
Tue Jun 2 13:22:02 UTC 2015

We are fine if you do not want to include discussions of human sexuality
and technology with the rest of open-source "everything," but we object to
discussing human needs as constituting "harassment." We are not forcing
ourselves on anyone and simply volunteered to help you out with your call.

By the way, sexuality is pervasive in human social systems, and is
integrally linked with issues like poverty (hence open design challenges
like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation task to build a more stimulating

and it becomes potentially reductionist to start drawing lines in the sand
about which needs take precedent. If you are going to have a conference
about open source energy-water-food-shelter that's great! But then should
you cut out any programming about education? I mean people need to eat more
than they need to learn, right?

Anyway, sorry if we have offended you, with kindly withdraw our proposal to



Andrew Quitmeyer
Founder / Designer / Documentarian

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 8:00 AM, Robert Steele <
robert.david.steele.vivas at gmail.com> wrote:

> OSE-21 is declining nominations that are associated with war and violence,
> and we have an anti-harrassment policy that in my view precludes sex toy
> open source discussion as a scheduled event (it is fine as an impromptu
> event provided it complies with our anti harrassment policy.
> The world has huge needs of energy-water-food-shelter. That is our focus.
> When the billions of poor can afford sex toys, I will reconsider.
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