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On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 4:25 AM, Antoine, as a contact of a free
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> Hello Robert and Marcin.
> 1) Thank you what you do for all people.
> 2) Cool this event to come.
> 3) one comment bellow
> > to realize that -- to take one example -- Open Data
> > without open everything else is simply a gift to vendors
> > of proprietary hardware and software and
> > does NOT further the commons or the public interest
> > to the fullest extent possible.
> +1 !
> I love your "NOT" term.
I appreciate this idea and I used to subscribe to the open everything
together idea, but I have changed my mind recently.

I prepared an presentation on open everything for the presentation at the
NEKLS innovation day in Topeka recently

I would say that a project needs to use open interfaces that allows new
users coming from outside of the free/libre open source world to connect
and use them.  This is for the simple fact of numbers, a project needs
users to be successful and most users are using proprietary software.

Even if the android software might be based on linux, and it is the most
popular device currently (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems ) I dont
think you can really consider it to be free software environment (
https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/android-and-users-freedom.html ) . Even then
we still need to keep open access to all parts of the stack and allow users
from to use open standards to communicate with our project.

Each layer of the open everything cake can be seen in isolation and must be
viable. The open data part of openstreetmap cannot limit it's usage to only
one client for example, the servers running it also use rest interfaces via
an API.

My argument is due to my experience with promoting open everything, culture
etc in places like Kansas and Kosovo. Open streetmap is one project that it
would be difficult to dictate only open source clients operating system for
usage. Mozilla is another project where even the developers use windows and
the artists use adobe, I don't agree with it but it is how it is. Wikipedia
would be much smaller if only Linux users were allowed to edit.

So I encourage you to get new people involved, if they be comfortable using
windows or mac or whatever, it should be important to first sell your
project for it's value, make it accessible and available and useful, and
also explain your philosophy of free/libre openness to them, let them make
a choice, let them learn about it themselves and maybe if they like one
part of the freedom cake they will also try out a different part.

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