[Discuss] Favorite OSHW Linux computers?

Wouter Tebbens wouter at freeknowledge.eu
Thu Feb 5 12:33:20 UTC 2015

Hi Drew and all,

I have heard about the HummingBoard, [1], which states it is "open
hardware", but I cannot find the license, not even on its wiki, [2].

If they really aren't adhering to the definition of open hardware, maybe
we should warn them that "open hardware" is a registered trademark by
Bruce Perens (if he is still the owner). In any case, ask them to
publish under a free license or to stop confusing people.

[1] http://www.solid-run.com/products/hummingboard/
[2] http://wiki.solid-run.com/HummingBoard_Hardware

BTW notice also the USB Armory,
http://www.inversepath.com/usbarmory.html#usbarmory_flat-tab that is
open hardware



On 02/04/2015 06:38 PM, Drew Fustini wrote:
> There's a *lot* of press right now about a new proprietary single
> board computer.  I thought it might be fun to talk about Open Source
> Hardware alternatives.
> Here's my favorite OSHW Linux computers.  What are yours?
> MinnowBoard MAX (dual 64-bit Intel Atom):
> http://www.minnowboard.org/meet-minnowboard-max/
> Olimex OlinuXino LIME2:
> https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/A20/A20-OLinuXIno-LIME2/open-source-hardware
> Radxa Rock:
> http://radxa.com/Rock
> BeagleBone Black:
> http://beagleboard.org/black
> cheers,
> drew
> http://keybase.io/pdp7
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