[Discuss] Favorite OSHW Linux computers?

Andrew Back andrew at carrierdetect.com
Wed Feb 4 17:59:05 UTC 2015

On 4 February 2015 at 17:43, Andrew Malcolm Stanley
<a.malcolm.stanley at gmail.com> wrote:

> it appears that there are also vulnerability vectors in hardware, such as the USB attacks that bunny has exposed.
> Is there a variant OSHW computer that is designed specifically to provide maximal HW security when operating with a secure OS??

AFAICT the lowRISC-based SBC, when ASICs are finally made and a board
is spun, will be the most secure in this respect. Tagged memory,
soft-programmable I/O *and* open source RTL for the entire device,
plus obviously the board layout and, one would imagine, the bootloader



Andrew Back

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