[Discuss] New Blog Post Up!

Andrew Katz Andrew.Katz at moorcrofts.com
Sat May 24 08:50:19 UTC 2014

Hi Mike


> Personally I use CC BY-SA and the OSHW logos on my hardware.

I'm sure you wouldn't dream of asserting any patents (if you have any) over the materials you've licensed under CC-BY-SA, but, if we adopt any of the creative commons licenses as OSHW-compatible, we can end up with people legitimately asserting that their hardware is OSHW, and also seeking to enforce patents against uses they don't like. 

That's why I'm not keen on the use of CC licenses for hardware. There might be a solution in that anyone wanting to use an approved CC license ALSO has to grant an approved patent licence in parallel, if they want to be permitted to call their hardware OSHW, but it's a somewhat messy (and confusing) solution.



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