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Matt Maier blueback09 at gmail.com
Tue May 13 16:28:58 UTC 2014

What do y'all think about this?


*"Makerbot has invented a new type of process which, if it works properly,
will allow 3D printers to change build material mid print.  They have filed
a patent to protect this solution over a year and a half ago, but just
recently was it published for the public to see, and 3DPrint.com has
uncovered it."*
*"The multiple materials would be fed into their individual feeds, which
are connected to a filament changer (or build material changer).  The
filament changer would be able to slide the extrusion head from material to
material, in a fluent motion.  It would also consist of a blade or other
cutting edge, that would cut the 1st material before proceeding to the
*"It covers them for other types of print processes other than FDM, and
also allows for two separate extruders to be alternately positioned along
the tool path for a similar effect..."*

It seems like this patent is exactly the sort of thing the community has
been discussing. Did Makerbot really invent this, or are they trying to
patent something that the open source community developed first? Is this an
example of the sort of thing we'd want to respond to in a structured way,
like doing the prior art search on behalf of the USPTO and pushing the
results to them?
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