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my name is Lars Zimmermann, i am active in the field of open source hardware
for various reasons. Because i always get the question of licensing i wrote
something towards an Open Source Hardware License Guide. (Link:
http://owiowi.net/liscense-guide-en/ ). Leopold Zyka who is going to found
the Open Farm Lab Austria read it and wrote me an email with an idea i think
is great and probably interessting.

Leo asked for an „Open Source Legal Advice Plattform or Forum“. Reading the
license guide he had a lot more questions and wished there would be some
kind of plattform, where he could find better answers – a plattform with a
lot of example-cases / case-study. With answers written by lawyers.

I remember that i saw once a forum in the internet where actual lawyers
answered legal questions for money. Someone posted a question, then
different lawyers called a price and the lawyer with the lowest bid got to
answer the question and afterwards the answer was public available for all
to study. A true open source way!

So i think this is defenitely an interessting idea. Maybe if the right eyes
read it they get inspired and put something into action.

Best from Berlin 

Lars Zimmermann

Ps. Here is the license guide in English:
http://owiowi.net/liscense-guide-en/ . Critique or helpful additions are
very welcome. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Lars Zimmermann


T: +49 (0) 176 218 65 009

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