[Discuss] Request comments on reduction of liability risk

Jim Walker jim at walkerpowerdesign.com
Thu Mar 27 02:59:07 UTC 2014

I am interested in things related to aircraft.  However, the aircraft 
industry has long attracted lawsuits anytime there is an accident.  Even 
a frivolous lawsuit can be financially devastating.

Now suppose an aircraft or related product is designed in an open source 
manner with many people providing input to the process.  It would seem 
that this would constitute peer review indicating that multiple people 
considered the design to be safe (assuming a consensus).  Furthermore, 
if a sufficiently large number (?) of people contribute to the design, 
it would seem that it would be more difficult for attorneys to single 
out a culpable person.

A potential problem that I anticipate is that some skill or skills will 
not be obtainable without some form of compensation.  How can that be 
properly accommodated?  Having plans available for free to all who 
contribute would not be very persuasive to someone with considerable 
expertise in a critical area.  Similarly, what are some methods for 
making some money?

Thoughtful comments would be appreciated.

Jim Walker

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