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On 03/07/14 15:59, Mario Gómez wrote:
> Great Work Andres!

Thanks! Well it's not MY work as much as a collective effort which
includes you guys.

> I'm Mario Gomez from the Open Hardware Community in El Salvador, we have been working since last year
in promoting the usage of Open Source Hardware mostly in education.

I have seen your site! We used some translations from there. My personal
(outside of the govt.) initiative is aperturaradical.org you can find
some translations there as well. We are just beginning so, there is not
much done, but we are committed in the long run.

> A couple of members of our group are in the "national technology roundtable", and just yesterday
in our monthly meeting we discussed about how to promote the Open Source
Hardware in education, considering that we already have a couple of
contacts on the ministry of education.

Could we start a Spanish conversation between the four of us about this?
I think the institutional email will do better for this. We already have
something developed for laws that we can share with you. If we manage to
create a general framework of  recommendations for both policies and
laws that would be great (just like CC did with their last version, we
are giving baby steps yet but we will get there).

> I don't know the case of Ecuador, but in El Salvador there is already a lot of people (schools
and universities) working with OSHW (mostly Arduino), so our work
focuses mostly on congregate all this actors together so they can
comunicate and promote the OSHW further.

Well here that's not the case, certainly we have emergent projects here
and there (perhaps I'm wrong and I haven't contacted the right people
yet) but definitely we could use your experience to begin with that process.

> We are just starting to develop a "ethic code" and "guidelines" (mostly based on the work that the
OSHWA already done) so  we can share easily to help people to develop OSHW.

Where can I read it?


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