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The reference guide contains the Do's and Don'ts as well as a checklist to
make oshw. Hope that helps!



On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 1:52 PM, Andrés Delgado <andres at delgado.ec> wrote:

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> Hey everyone,
> First of all an apology for not introducing myself in my very first
> email. My name is Andrés Delgado, I'm a graduated physician and activist
> (for five years now). Last year has been quite sui generis for me,
> giving up my practice to get involved in politics in my country.
> I worked for 7 months as coordinator for the FLOK Society project:
> http://buenconocer.org/english.html
> and now it has been two months since I started working at SENESCYT (the
> Ecuadorian National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science,
> Innovation and Technology). Currently I'm trying to develop policies and
> perhaps laws to boost what we call open innovation, which is basically
> OSHW development and also develop some specific projecs along
> organizations involved in OSHW dev.
> I saw there will be a summit soon where policies will be discussed, I
> don't think I can make it to Rome but I do need a lot of help and would
> like to have some feedback on how to better do this.
> This is my personal email and please feel free to send any comments,
> recommendations or questions. If you want to continue the conversation
> in the public mailing list, please do so. Finally if you would like to
> start a more formal relationship with my work you can also write to
> jdelgado at senescyt dot gob dot ec
> Thank you!
> - --
> Atentamente,
> Andrés Delgado
> http://andres.delgado.ec
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