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Android HDMI stick set tops with WiFi in and HDMI out are available in
China in bulk for < $40 US.
For instance, amlogic has a reference design that seems somewhat widely
Be aware they are based on inexpensive chipsets which may have silicon
errata that impact WiFi performance, and they may not pass HDMI
The vendor support for these is also very poor, so if you find a problem,
you are kind of on your own.
However, there are a good many products like this being sold and if you
conduct a thorough search you should be able to find an existing package
that will meet your needs.

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On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 7:56 AM, Ashfaq Farooqui
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> Hi Prabhav,
> From what I understand of your project you will provide a device which
> will have Internet access, and the user must just use his/her television as
> a display device.
> As far as my knowledge goes, most of the new television sets have a wifi
> module in them, The difference of price is negligible for a non -wifi
> television and a wifi television.
> If you are looking at integrating it onto the older televisions still
> prevalent in few parts of india, i would suggest you use the Raspberry pi,
> which costs around $25.
> If you still want it lesser than this, I suggest build system with
> wifi+simple controller+vga out custom to your needs and I think you can get
> that done in $15. what you save on price you add in the effort required.
> On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 1:29 PM, prabhav <prabhavgd at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm Prabhav from Bangalore, India.
>> I'm working to build an ecosystem which would help make internet access
>> easy and affordable to masses.
>> In a country where a desktop cost starts from $220, I'm looking at a
>> small OTT box which can bring internet on television costing *sub-$20*,
>> thus eliminating the cost of a display device and giving an extremely
>> affordable hardware to access internet.
>> Currently we are testing on android powered Beaglebone black along with
>> HDMI-VGA converter, total cost adding up to $60. But if $20 mark could be
>> achieved, I promise you all nothing short of a digital revolution as there
>> id a big market opportunity here.
>> Would you be interested in such a project? If so please write back with
>> your inputs and comments.
>> In hope of a positive reply.
>> Regards,
>> Prabhav Garudadhwajan
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