[Discuss] Does CC SA actually 'work' for real hardware?

Michael McCormack mike at themccormacks.com
Wed Apr 16 15:25:01 UTC 2014

How can I meet the requirements of the share alike license and yet build a
commercial board?  Scenario:

   1. I take a public CC-SA licensed board and add a new feature - big
   honking FETs to drive lots of current on an Arduino for example.
   2. I take my Gerbers to a board house that adds their UL markings to my
   3. The board with the UL marking smells like a derived work to me yet no
   one other than my board house can blindly copy it.

Same thing would happen if I add my own trademarked logo or other protected
marking so I can tell my boards from clones.  I personally am more than
willing to say publish Gerbers without my logo, but it looks like I really
need to avoid anything that is CC licensed if I ever care to try to sell


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