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Thanks for your input Michael,

We won't be shaming anyone, nor taking retribution. The process has an inherent
reward for good behavior: credibility. That, together with respect/fellowship is
enough to make the process self-efficient.

Also, as you say it'll be self-correcting because people will remember wrong
certifications made in bad faith in a system that's transparent and open.


Marino Hernandez
(just a founder of Marketply <http://www.marketply.org> )

> On October 24, 2013 at 1:04 AM Michael Turner
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> I'd charge a deposit for certification evaluation, which would not be
> refunded if it turns out basic criteria aren't met. Those that failed
> would furthermore see their applications appear on a Wall of Shame,
> with a Most Shameless Application of the Month featured. They'd have
> to pay even more to get de-listed from the Wall. But since they
> submitted their application in the open, nothing prevents others from
> copying onto a Wall of Shame of their own. Hey, sorry, we don't even
> know those people. You'll have to go talk to them, to see what their
> ransom demands are. What do you mean, "blackmail"? Did you read the
> fine print?
> Naturally, I'd call this "the Open Process for Openness
> Certification." It sounds cooler that way.
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