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J. Simmons jrs at mach30.org
Sun Oct 6 23:40:05 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I am very excited to see how much discussion this post has generated.  As
someone who is spending more time thinking about regulations than my
hardware projects I am very passionate about this cause, and it is nice to
see I am not alone.

By the way, I love the pretzel shaped hotdogs, that is awesome.  Please
keep me posted, I want to know how that project goes.

In terms of when do we start, I would say we already have.  In terms of
what do we do next, I think getting the issue acknowledged on the OSHWA FAQ
is a good first step (thanks David).  Beyond that, I wonder does OSHWA have
a wiki it runs where we could create a list of regulatory regimes OSHW
projects are running into and what people have done to meet them?  (I
really feel like I should know the answer to that question, but I am afraid
I don't.)  We already have several examples we could list, so that should
be something that would get some traction.

Next, is there a lawyer in the house?  ;)  Or does the OSHW community have
a strong relationship with some lawyers?  One of the things Mach 30 has
learned is creating these kind of documents takes expertise.  And while we
are on the subject of expertise, we have found it often costs money, so it
may also help to consider setting up a fund of some kind to support this

But, I think the most important thing for us all to do is to whenever
possible, find a way to extract the lessons and documentation required for
complying with regulations out of our individual businesses and to share
them as instructions and templates under CC licenses (listed on the
regulations wiki?) so we can start building a regulations commons.

Thanks again everyone!


On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 3:35 PM, Ben Gray <ben at phenoptix.com> wrote:

> Regulatory issues are a pretty major issue in Open Hardware, some of us at
> Wuthering Bytes in the UK were discussing the likes of obtaining CE
> certification in Europe and how to those of us that have looked a short way
> into it have been put off by the seeming mountain of work that needs to be
> done. So any work on making them more transparent is welcomed. A central
> knowledge repository could be a good way to start or we pool lists of the
> distributed information, which regulatory information can be found on what
> site. When do we start?
> Also going to have to try and make myself some of that open source
> saucisson.
> --
> Best Regards
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> On 6 October 2013 19:53, Marketply <contact at marketply.org> wrote:
>> **
>>  That fits perfectly with our design of a hot dog<http://www.fan.pretzely.net>in shape of a pretzel! (And a corndog pretzel shaped, see image)
>>  Our plan so far is to share <http://www.twitter.com/teachopen> both how
>> it's made by and every aspect of running the business. Actually we won't
>> even earn a profit from it. We design and invent, then hand it off to help
>> a few low-income inexperienced entrepreneurs team up with an experienced
>> social entrepreneur, and they'll coordinate with a community of people and
>> vendors openly to share and increase knowledge.
>>  Although it hadn't even occurred to me to open source it or that meat
>> is a 'hardware'!
>>  I'll be contacting Underground Meats to collaborate as they're in a
>> good place to help kickoff this project.
>>  Thank you for sharing this J Simmons, it's a fantastic development!
>>  😃,
>>  Marino Hernandez
>> (just a founder of Marketply <http://www.marketply.org>)
>> 203-429-4205
>> On October 6, 2013 at 11:51 AM "J. Simmons" <jrs at mach30.org> wrote:
>>  I just got forwarded these links about a KickStarter to fund a set of
>> open source policies and procedures for following USDA guidelines when
>> creating cured meats.
>> http://www.opb.org/artsandlife/article/npr-hows-the-sausage-made-these-folks-really-want-to-share-the-knowledge/
>> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/undergroundmeats/underground-meats-open-source-food-safety-model
>>  As a firm believer that OSHW includes anything we physically make (from
>> electronics to tractors to tables to rockets), I love the idea of open
>> sourcing even just part of the process for food that is currently very
>> proprietary (and it sounds like they will be sharing their recipes and meat
>> processing procedures as well).
>>  And, I am reminded that as OSHW grows as a movement we will see more and
>> more need to address regulatory issues like this.  So far this year, this
>> is the third regulatory hurdle I have seen in open source arenas, including
>>  1) Mach 30's own work on Export Controls ( http://mach30.org/ectf/)
>>  2) LightUp's ( http://www.lightup.io/) work to meet toy safety
>> standards for their products
>>  and of course
>>  3) Underground Meats' work on an open source HACCP
>>  Is anyone else facing these kind of regulatory issues or know of someone
>> who is?  Do folks think there is a way we could pool our resources to work
>> on how the OSHW movement can efficiently and effectively address regulatory
>> issues?
>>   -J
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