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That fits perfectly with our design of a hot dog <http://www.fan.pretzely.net>
in shape of a pretzel! (And a corndog pretzel shaped, see image)

Our plan so far is to share <http://www.twitter.com/teachopen> both how it's
made by and every aspect of running the business. Actually we won't even earn a
profit from it. We design and invent, then hand it off to help a few low-income
inexperienced entrepreneurs team up with an experienced social entrepreneur, and
they'll coordinate with a community of people and vendors openly to share and
increase knowledge.

Although it hadn't even occurred to me to open source it or that meat is a

I'll be contacting Underground Meats to collaborate as they're in a good place
to help kickoff this project.

Thank you for sharing this J Simmons, it's a fantastic development!


Marino Hernandez
(just a founder of Marketply <http://www.marketply.org> )

> On October 6, 2013 at 11:51 AM "J. Simmons" <jrs at mach30.org> wrote:
>  I just got forwarded these links about a KickStarter to fund a set of open
> source policies and procedures for following USDA guidelines when creating
> cured meats.
>  <http://www.opb.org/artsandlife/article/npr-hows-the-sausage-made-these-folks-really-want-to-share-the-knowledge/>
>  <http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/undergroundmeats/underground-meats-open-source-food-safety-model>
>  As a firm believer that OSHW includes anything we physically make (from
> electronics to tractors to tables to rockets), I love the idea of open
> sourcing even just part of the process for food that is currently very
> proprietary (and it sounds like they will be sharing their recipes and meat
> processing procedures as well).
>  And, I am reminded that as OSHW grows as a movement we will see more and more
> need to address regulatory issues like this.  So far this year, this is the
> third regulatory hurdle I have seen in open source arenas, including
>  1) Mach 30's own work on Export Controls (<http://mach30.org/ectf/> )
>  2) LightUp's (<http://www.lightup.io/> ) work to meet toy safety standards
> for their products
>  and of course
>  3) Underground Meats' work on an open source HACCP
>  Is anyone else facing these kind of regulatory issues or know of someone who
> is?  Do folks think there is a way we could pool our resources to work on how
> the OSHW movement can efficiently and effectively address regulatory issues?
>   -J
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