[Discuss] Open Source Sausage?

J. Simmons jrs at mach30.org
Sun Oct 6 15:51:14 UTC 2013

I just got forwarded these links about a KickStarter to fund a set of open
source policies and procedures for following USDA guidelines when creating
cured meats.



As a firm believer that OSHW includes anything we physically make (from
electronics to tractors to tables to rockets), I love the idea of open
sourcing even just part of the process for food that is currently very
proprietary (and it sounds like they will be sharing their recipes and meat
processing procedures as well).

And, I am reminded that as OSHW grows as a movement we will see more and
more need to address regulatory issues like this.  So far this year, this
is the third regulatory hurdle I have seen in open source arenas, including

1) Mach 30's own work on Export Controls (http://mach30.org/ectf/)

2) LightUp's (http://www.lightup.io/) work to meet toy safety standards for
their products

and of course

3) Underground Meats' work on an open source HACCP

Is anyone else facing these kind of regulatory issues or know of someone
who is?  Do folks think there is a way we could pool our resources to work
on how the OSHW movement can efficiently and effectively address regulatory


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