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That is a really great improvement. 

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> I like this.  Though I would say "Yes and science can be used to create chemical weapons and nuclear bombs.  But most science is focused on making the world a better place.  As most people are motivated to make the world better for themselves, family and friends."
>> > A good approach is to use the "YES and..." approach that improv comedy uses.
>> >
>> > IOW, when people say "opensource and 3D printing = free guns on the streets" it is not good to say "Thats really bad and we don't like it." as a leading argument.
>> >
>> > Its much more positive to say "YES, AND also manufacturing jobs, new medical treatments, prosthetic limbs for kids, Rockets to Mars, and whole host of other things, all of which show the power of technology for good as well as evil."
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