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Silona Bonewald silona at silona.com
Sat May 11 20:08:05 UTC 2013

I like this.  Though I would say "Yes and science can be used to create
chemical weapons and nuclear bombs.  But most science is focused on making
the world a better place.  As most people are motivated to make the world
better for themselves, family and friends."

> A good approach is to use the "YES and..." approach that improv comedy
> uses.
> >
> > IOW, when people say "opensource and 3D printing = free guns on the
> streets" it is not good to say "Thats really bad and we don't like it." as
> a leading argument.
> >
> > Its much more positive to say "YES, AND also manufacturing jobs, new
> medical treatments, prosthetic limbs for kids, Rockets to Mars, and whole
> host of other things, all of which show the power of technology for good as
> well as evil."
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