[Discuss] Following up on the OSHW Documentation Jam

J. Simmons jrs at mach30.org
Thu May 9 00:40:49 UTC 2013

Good evening fellow makers and OSHW folks,

I am not sure this is the right place to post this announcement (I don't
recall there being a dedicated list for the OSHW Documentation Jam), so
please pardon me if I am sending this to the wrong list.

I am J. Simmons, president of Mach 30 (http://mach30.org), project leader
for Open Design Engine (https://opendesignengine.net), and an attendee of
the OSHW Documentation Jam (http://www.opensourcewarehouse.org/).  As part
of my follow up commitment to the other Jam attendees, I said Mach 30 would
organize an On-Air Google+ Hangout Round Table for folks to discuss and
reflect on the Jam.  Scheduling folks from all of the country (and world)
has been difficult, so we are just getting the announcement about the
hangout, which is tomorrow, posted tonight.

For those who would like to watch or attend the hangout, here is the event
link:  https://plus.google.com/events/co5hgfff44b8qv3d9n9ps733c64

If you were at the Documentation Jam, please consider joining us in the
hangout.  We have a few open slots for panelists and we would love to have
you (be sure to RSVP *and* leave a comment that you would like to attend
the hangout on the event page).  If you have any questions about the event,
feel free to email me directly.

Thanks again to the Jam organizers.  It was a very successful event, and I
look forward to hearing people's thoughts on it at the hangout tomorrow


J. Simmons, President
Mach 30: Foundation for Space Development
<https://www.facebook.com/Mach30>  <http://twitter.com/mach_30>
*~ ad astra per civitatem ~
*to the stars through community
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