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Silona Bonewald silona at silona.com
Tue May 7 20:21:08 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I believe I know some of y'all from Maker Faire and Hackers but wanted to
intro myself.  I am a long time OpenData and BigData person but pretty darn
new to the Hardware Space.  I am learning very quickly though.  Some of the
stuff I have been workin on for a long time is however privacy and
security.  I was on the Board of EFF-Austin for many years and also
advocated to the Texas legislature on Tech policy.

Now I have a new startup SapphireOS.com that I convinced to go all the way
Open Source including hardware :-)  They have already post 3 of the 4
githubs and now cleaning up the Operating systems code to post it today.
 We are doing internet of things route mainly by creating a low power
wireless mesh of things.

When the founder asked me to join his team, I asked him do you want to
create a few "products" and make money or do you want to create a standard
for how things talk to each other.  He said he wants a standard hence going
as we say "100% open source."  These guys are new to Open Source but are
embracing it like crazy!  we are hoping that Kickstarter will be a good
place to find a bunch of like minded engineers that want our open source
dev kit!

 We are in an area that is RIFE with patents!  And I saw how EFF and
Berkman is helping with challenging provisional 3d printing patents.   Has
anyone else dealt w the patenting issue?  We don't have much money because
we are truly bootstrapping ourselves.  And those searches are serious cash
(we thought all our FCC costs were difficult.)  Once we have enough from
our Kickstarter, we are willing to pursue patents if only to protect us and
the community we hope will be created.  So any advice would be appreciated!


Silona Bonewald
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