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Subject: <nettime> Means of production: The factory-floor knowledge economy

I guess I ought to have taken Bruce Sterling's advice concerning Mark
Stahlman, but as my text on 3D printing is now circulating on the
nettime-list and is being commented on, I feel obliged to make some
clarifications. An original version of the text was published in Re-public
(http://www.re-public.gr/en/?p=5399), and is together with another text
"Atoms want to be free too"
(http://www.triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/view/288), a better
starting point for whoever might want to raise objections against me, as I
there get to develop my arguments at some length. The bottom-line is this:
there are contradicting potentials in 3D printing (just as there were in
N/C machines, though only the union-busting, labour-hostile designs were
invested in, by MIT and others), hence it is meaningless to take a stand
(for or against) 3D printing as such. What is needed is to support those
fringe groups who are trying to push the technology in a good (or, least
bad) direction. If labour is going to be made free (as in gratis), then so
should the atoms.

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