[Discuss] Invitation to The Open Book launch this Fri at FutureEverything Festival

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Mon Mar 18 13:33:23 UTC 2013

The OKFN is launching the Open Book this week.

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Subject: [Open Design] Invitation to The Open Book launch this Fri at
FutureEverything Festival
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Hello all,

Many of you have been involved in the making of 'The Open Book' <
http://theopenbook.org.uk>, a crowdsourced publication that introduces the
global movement for open knowledge, and its accompanying 'Timeline of Open
Knowledge' <http://openbook.okfn.org/timeline> built from your

To reward your hard work, we have some good news -- The Open Book has now
been published, and will be launched in both print and digital versions at
the FutureEverything festival <http://futureeverything.org/> this Fri 22
March: <http://blog.okfn.org/2013/03/18/theopenbook/>.

A bit of context: this ambitious project has been built jointly with our
friends at The Finnish Institute in London as a part of their critical
Reaktio series <
Inspired by the many inspiring projects we saw at the world’s first Open
Knowledge Festival this fall in Helsinki <http://okfestival.org>, The Open
Book explores the social and technological manifestations of the open
knowledge movement for the first time, featuring over 25 in-depth thought
pieces written by pioneers of openness around the world from London to São

Launch details: <http://blog.okfn.org/2013/03/18/theopenbook/>

Those who can't make it to the launch can also sign up for a free copy: <

Please share widely with friends and colleagues. It is our hope that The
Open Book can serve as a launching pad for discussion and debate -- and the
more it is shared, the more it can serve this purpose!

With many thanks to all who made it happen,

Kat, Jussi, Timo, Antti and The Open Book team

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