[Discuss] Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam, New York City, April 26-28

Catarina Mota catarina at openmaterials.org
Thu Mar 7 17:08:07 UTC 2013

We're still wrangling the registration process, so if anyone is interested
in participating or contributing in another way, please email me!

Lots of details on the event's website (the Challenge page is particularly
relevant): http://www.opensourcewarehouse.org



Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam, New York City, April 26-28

 The power of open source hardware lies in the ability to build upon
others’ work and good documentation is the key to making this happen. We
believe that open source hardware will become a new economic engine of
innovation, efficiency, sustainability and collaboration. As the number of
open source hardware projects continues to grow, it’s important to generate
clearly-findable, modular, remixable documentation that can not only
improve the quality of projects - but also enhance cross-project
collaboration. Our goal is to make it easy to contribute to a common pool
of hardware knowledge.

This 3 day event is intended to generate motion on the much-discussed
‘Github for Hardware’. We intend to release a minimum viable prototype for
immediate beta testing by open hardware projects. The event will be based
on a mashup of well-known co-design formats - Design Jams and Hackathons.
The goal is to identify problems, propose solutions, and synergize on

Check out the event’s website for more information:

Some preliminary work on an OSHW Documentation taxonomy:

What we need from you: Do you want to participate in the Jam and if so in
what role? Do you want to help organize? Do you want to run a parallel
event in another location? Can you review the materials that we have so
far? We have not yet secured a venue. Can you help with a venue, tools,
staff, stuff, travel, rewards, and other support? What else? Please respond
to Simone, our Facilitator - at simone.cicero at gmail.com

Due to practical matters, the number of participants will be limited, so
please let us know by March 18 if you would like to join us. Unfortunately,
we currently don’t have funding to support travel costs.


Marcin Jakubowski - opensourceecology.org

Catarina Mota - everywheretech.org

Simone Cicero - meedabyte.com
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