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I see a few problems with that:

* it implies that the files are done in advance of the product release. You really don't want to release half-baked files, even to escrow.

* projects hit delays. You could say"we plan to release by x" and for various logistical reasons not be ready to release the product by x. Better to choose a goal than a date, e.g you'll release the files when the product goes on sale. That doesn't work for non- commercial members though.

* who is responsible for maintaining the files in escrow? The oshwa board is made up of folks who both collaborate and compete with each other and other oshwa members. I trust them all because I know them personally. But is my experience universal? You're introducing a big potential conflict of unrest there.

Matt Maier <blueback09 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Oh hey now, THAT's a good idea! I'd never considered the concept of a
>source file escrow but it's perfect. An organization like OSHWA is
>sitting between the project managers and the users, trying to provide
>benefit to both by enforcing ethical standards. The project manager
>already have to submit their files to the OSHWA for review prior to
>agreeing that the project is open and blessing the use of the mark.
>no reason the project manager couldn't submit the files for review but
>attach a publication date. If the OSHWA agrees the project is open, but
>project manager never follows through with publishing the files, then
>OSHWA would publish the files. That way they could ensure that the
>are actually available for every single project they allowed to use the
>In fact, that also helps resolve another issue. If the OSHWA offers to
>maintain a public repository of project files it would give project
>managers a reason to apply for the mark. That way they don't have to
>personally worry about keeping the files available. At the same time it
>would allow the OSHWA to vouch for the actual openness of the projects
>because it knows for a fact that the files are available. That would
>provide value to everyone.
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>> If you are concerned that the pirates will take your source and enter
>> market before you can, which may be legitimate concern, we could
>> make it so you can always post to escrow somewhere, so it is clear
>that the
>> files are open sourced in fact, even if the visibility of those files
>> the community is delayed for a specific period. An escrow facility of
>> kind, run by OSHWA or a benefactor on their behalf, might be an idea
>> This would allow worry free deposit to the community prior to going
>> market, and allow the OSHWA to complete the transaction by providing
>> benefit in return.
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