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Oh hey now, THAT's a good idea! I'd never considered the concept of a
source file escrow but it's perfect. An organization like OSHWA is already
sitting between the project managers and the users, trying to provide
benefit to both by enforcing ethical standards. The project manager would
already have to submit their files to the OSHWA for review prior to OSHWA
agreeing that the project is open and blessing the use of the mark. There's
no reason the project manager couldn't submit the files for review but
attach a publication date. If the OSHWA agrees the project is open, but the
project manager never follows through with publishing the files, then the
OSHWA would publish the files. That way they could ensure that the files
are actually available for every single project they allowed to use the

In fact, that also helps resolve another issue. If the OSHWA offers to
maintain a public repository of project files it would give project
managers a reason to apply for the mark. That way they don't have to
personally worry about keeping the files available. At the same time it
would allow the OSHWA to vouch for the actual openness of the projects
because it knows for a fact that the files are available. That would
provide value to everyone.

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> If you are concerned that the pirates will take your source and enter your
> market before you can, which may be legitimate concern, we could always
> make it so you can always post to escrow somewhere, so it is clear that the
> files are open sourced in fact, even if the visibility of those files to
> the community is delayed for a specific period. An escrow facility of some
> kind, run by OSHWA or a benefactor on their behalf, might be an idea here.
> This would allow worry free deposit to the community prior to going to
> market, and allow the OSHWA to complete the transaction by providing their
> benefit in return.
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