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I agree with you in that I don't consider a project open until I see the files. But I can imagine why someone would want to advertise that a product *will be * open once released, yet not release the files while raising money through crowdfunding. 

Since the definition is just that, there's no need for oshwa to take in a case like this. We could say it's not best practice, that's about it.

Out of curiosity, anyone tracked the number of oshw projects on kickstarter and indiegogo? Catarina?

Matt Maier <blueback09 at gmail.com> wrote:

>I honestly don't understand why it's a question. No amount of intention
>ever makes a project open source. Only releasing the files so that
>else can participate makes a project open source. The difference
>"open" and "not open" is public files. That's literally the only
>difference. So prior to releasing the files to the public, the project
>not open. After releasing them, the project is open.
>If a project owner intends to release the project files at some point
>the future then they can say they intend for the project to be open,
>they can't say that it is open; at least not yet.
>Maybe OSHWA could have an "open pending" mark kind of like "patent
>pending." Maybe it could be good for a year. That way project owners
>put "open source" next to their project, even when the files haven't
>actually been released yet, and they'd have a reasonable amount of time
>finish the process later.
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>> I'd agree with that, though it's an interesting question for things
>> Kickstarter campaigns.  Do you release the files when you start your
>> kickstarter campaign, or when you ship?
>> r.
>> On Mar 2, 2013, at 10:49 AM, David A. Mellis wrote:
>> > Personally, I think it's okay to use "open-source hardware" and the
>> as long as the design files are released with the product. Before
>> the distinction between "is" and "will be" seems like a subtle one --
>> everything about the product, not just whether or not it's
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