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      Project Update #37: Parallella: An Open Source Hardware Project
Posted by Adapteva [image:

We are proud to say that we have now published all the hardware sources for
the first version of the Parallella board on
making the Parallella a proper open source hardware project. The first beta
version of the board will go out to early backers soon! We have also
updated the detailed
the final Parallella board. This version will be manufactured in
volume, with over 6,300 boards being shipped to Para llella Kickstarter
backers later this summer. The new design files are in process and will be
be published openly as soon as they are ready.

The full post can be read at

If you are experienced with hardware this is your chance to really
contribute to the success of the project by reviewing our work. We have a
small window before we have to ship the design files off to the factory.

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