[Discuss] OHS 2013 Chairs Positions open up!

FarMcKon eponymous at farmckon.net
Wed Apr 24 02:33:49 UTC 2013


Every year OHS is a labor of love for a great team of collaborators. 
Now that we have a venue and date selected (with 1200 seats!) the real
work begins!   We, as a community, need to brainstorm to find a great
group of conference chair's for our signature event.

Below is a list of conference chair positions. Please take a second to
read it. As you read it, If you can think of any friends or
collaborators that would be a great fit, please nominate them, bu
privately emailing me their name and contact info, and I'll add them to
a spreadsheet the conference organizers share.  In about a week, when we
have a good list of great nominees, we will email them gauge their
interest, and find the right matches.

Thanks in advance for taking a second for community nominee
brainstorming. It will help get OHS 2013 off to a great start!

Easy to be Remote Conference Chairs:
Reviews Chair - reviews talks, etc.
Sponsorship Chair - contacts sponsors, etc
Publicity Chair - gets publicity for event
Attendance Chair - coordinates ticketing, etc
Care Chair - is thoughtful and caring.  Sends thank yous,  checks in
with people,  etc.
Photography Chair - pretttty pictures!

In-Boston-if-possible Conference Chairs:
IT Chair - on site IT at conference time
Video Chair - onsite video work
Demo Chair - demo hall and demo event
Volunteer chair - coordinates volunteers just before, and during  the

hack on,
 - Far McKon

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