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Subject: [scl-dev] GSoC 2013
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Hello STEPcoders,

Is there any interest in participating in GSoC under BRL-CAD's umbrella?
 It's conceivable to designate one or two students to work directly on
STEPcode provided there is a willing mentor, a suitable applicant, and an
appropriately scoped project.

Most improvements to STEPcode are going to easily benefit BRL-CAD, so it's
more about mentoring resources.

The student would be required to interact with and report progress to both,
but you would handle the reviews and keep day-to-day tabs on reviewing
their progress.  Their end-result would be improvements to STEPcode that
are exercised in some fashion via BRL-CAD integration with their project
plan calling that out explicitly.

If this is of interest, we can talk more specifics, but a commitment would
be needed from at least one mentor willing to commit to approximately
5-hours a week (amortized with our BRL-CAD mentoring) before discussing
what project(s) might work.  We' need a commitment as soon as possible so
we can make sure it's clear on our ideas page that room is being reserved
for STEPcode work.


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- Bryan
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