[Discuss] Sharing best practices

Nathan Seidle nathan at sparkfun.com
Wed Oct 3 03:50:06 UTC 2012

Hi mailing list,

I've been mulling around the best practices for sharing in the OSHW
community. If it makes sense, I think it would be good to add this to
the OSHWA website someday.


Please log in if you've got a google account so we can track changes.
My goal is to point out the major groups: real-world photos,
enclosure, PCB, code, documentation. I know there are others but I'm
having brainstorm block at the moment.

Please remember OSHW includes more than electronics. My dream is to
have a bicycle manufacturer in the group some day. How would they

Let me know what you think.


Nathan Seidle
CEO, SparkFun Electronics Inc
Boulder, CO
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