[Discuss] Greetings! And membership

Alicia Gibb pip at nycresistor.com
Mon Jul 2 20:46:19 UTC 2012

Hey all,
We're working on putting our by-laws together and introducing membership.
The main reason for membership is so that you all can vote for things like
future board members!

We've looked at a lot of membership strategies. Unfortunately, the law
around non-profits won't allow public votes on issues - only the members of
the group, so we want to have the most inclusive membership possible. Some
memberships are fee based, some are merit based. Since we didn't want to
get into judging merit, we are considering moving towards a fee-based
membership. We are hoping to cover costs from domain hosting to assisting
the Summit costs with membership fees. Please give us your feedback on the
amount we're asking and the benefits of membership.

Annual membership: $100 per year
Student rate: Suggestions?

+ Voting in board members (we hope to vote in 3 more board members via
membership in Sept.)
+ Voting on other topics that require a broader community vote
+ Reduced ticket prices for the Summit
+ Opportunity to chair a program for OSHWA
+ Sticker?

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