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Thx Catarina, these are extremely interesting issues that are being raised

Here are some thoughts from an outsider & wannabe maker's perspective
Although I personally agree with those who have said the pledged amount for Tangibot is way over top and that the modifications are too small for it to be anything less than a blatant clone (excluding the dramatic drop in price which should be considered). The take from the Tangibot kickstarter is I guess that OSHW makes it easier and cheaper to both create new commercial products and to copy existing ones. In general I think this will force companies to innovate faster, boost the effectiveness of their products and come up with new ones. I believe this will dramatically accelerate the rate of innovation as a whole. Companies must realize that the only way to be agile enough to compete in the 21st century one need to fully utilize the global maker community's capacity for innovation by e.g. crowd sourced competitions and then shift ones core competencies more towards distribution, sales, and community services. 

I suppose the tangibot is still dependent on the thingiverse and makerbot community since that is where most of the customers are? So then makerbot industries will still be able to make some money on tangibot, by providing distribution, sales channels and community services, simply by partnering up with tangibot?? Also the thingiverse community has the final verdict on whether the project is ethically acceptable. I mean if they're pledging $500 000 on kickstarter and it pretty much looks like a plain copy of the maker bot, then it BETTER be as much cheaper as they claim it will be. If it's just slightly over priced my guess is that the community will simply reject it as being unethical / copy-cat and there will be no reason to buy it, or better it will spur makerbot industries and the thingiverse community to develop an even cheaper version of the makerbot 

I don't really see the issue, I mean makerbot industries still runs the thingiverse community, and the community decides which projects are value creating and thus acceptable and which are not.

Please respond to my thoughts. I might just have got it all wrong!


15 aug 2012 kl. 00.02 skrev Catarina Mota:

> You're probably all aware of this, but there are some interesting discussions about open source taking place on Kickstarter and Thingiverse:
> http://www.core77.com/blog/business/the_3d_printer_cloning_controversy_debate_rages_over_matt_strongs_tangibot_23189.asp
> https://groups.google.com/group/thingiverse/browse_thread/thread/de4176db67df7894?hl=en
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